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School Information System
Posted by Administrator on 28 September 2018 12:34 pm

BTDM SIS is an Online SMS Software for Schools to directly communicate with parents. Our SMS software help Schools in sending bulk Messages to parents. This Software is a reliable, quicker, and Cost effective mode of sending SMS Alerts to parents in the case of emergency, unplanned Holidays, School Closure (e.g. Weather related or Change in Timing) or any other urgent information. Our SMS Software provides Schools with an edge to create or sync school existing data for sending messages. Schools can check and stay updated with their SMS account balance.



BTDM SIS help Schools in sending and receiving SMS Notification, Messages, and Alerts through Smartphones, Tablets, PCs or any Web based devices. Our Online SMS Software bridges the communication barrier between Parents and Schools. The SMS Software helps School in Sending SMS alerts to parents for Exams, Fees, Results, and so on.