Our plans fulfils requirement of every single person whether professional or student. Our attractive tariff slabs are just icing on the cake. We offer variety of packages to suit your varied internet browsing needs. The packages are economical and affordable.

BTDM Broadband Internet Services
सम्भावनाओ से भरी दुनिया, अनलिमिटेड आज़ादी

One Time Setup Charge
Setup Charge
Radio Antenna  Router
Rs.5500/-INR One Time Payments
Wi-Fi Modem
Rs.999/- and above One Time Payments

 Select your cricle
 For Sampla Town Area 30+km
 For BhaprodaVillage Area 25+km
 For Chhara Village Area 25+Km
 For Bahadurgarh Area 75+Km

   Terms & Conditions
Documents required for connection - Photo ID Proof / Passport size photo + Address Proof.
Hardware installed at customer premises such as outdoor device, wire etc are property of BTDM Broadband Services and will be collected on time of termination or surrender of connection.
Installation charges and Plan are not refundable in any case.
Some plans/schemes are available in select areas only.
BTDM Broadband Services reserves the right to modify/alter/change/withdraw the tariff plan.

If you want any assistance call us on +91 9992224266 (24x7)


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